Promote Upcoming Event

How Should I Promote My Upcoming Event?

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It’s always a treat when we get to help clients plan and promote upcoming event. Here at Printing Solutions we love being able to help people visualize a beautiful table or booth that brings great engagement and continued profit. We always want to make sure we are giving our clients the type of exposure they are looking for at an event. Read More


5 Ways to Pump Up Your Office with Print Decor

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The workplace is an important part of our lives. More than half the world’s population will spend at least one-third of their adult lives at work, making it more important than ever to work in an office that is aesthetically pleasing. But with so many offices decked wall-to-wall in industrial gray and beige, finding a workplace that’s easy on the eyes may be more difficult than it sounds. Read More

Best Colors In Marketing

Best Colors to Use in Marketing Materials

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Whether we realize it or not, the colors used in marketing materials are sending a very big message to their target audience all on their own. There are specific feelings and emotions that certain colors evoke and when the right color is used in the right place, it can play a key role in delivering your message.

Colors serve as a sort of non-verbal communicator. As humans, we tend to subconsciously assign certain traits and characteristics to colors, including their shades and hues. Dark red used at a restaurant, for example, can make an entirely different statement than a lighter red would.

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To understand what messages colors are sending, consider the following color chart, which lists the emotions, characteristics and ideas each color can portray:


Aggressive, Energy, Excitement. It has been pointed out that restaurants use red to not only stimulate appetite, but also to keep people moving along so there is always room for the next customer.


Dependable, Safe, Loyalty. Banks and other financial institutions use blue to help portray a safe and steadfast environment. Blue is also often used in uniform design from military to police to security guards.


Growth, Peace, Health. If you are going for a calming feel for your marketing material, use green. People feel more connected and natural with green logos and branding.


Happiness, Cheer, Sunshine. You can use yellow to convey optimism and positivity. Women tend to like yellow more than men.


Playful, Engergetic, Fun. Often used to promote toys and various forms of entertainment. It has been used to express a beginning, like a sunrise.


Wealth, Sophistication, Royalty. Purple often associates with prosperity and wealth. Many have had success using purple when targeting young women in their teen and pre-teen years.


Youthful, Sweet, Creative. Perfect color choice when promoting romance or femininity. Used for candy and sweets.


Power, Mystery, Authority. While black is a very powerful color that conveys intelligence and sophistication, it also evokes emotions of death and grieving.


Clean, Pure, Safety. Perfect to use for anything health related or with baby products. White can give a feeling of balance and it’s use will convey neutrality.

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When it comes to choosing the right color for your marketing material, it really boils down to what message you are hoping to get across. Do not make the mistake of underestimating your color choices. Carefully consider what it is you want to convey immediately with your marketing material. Remember that color is sending a message whether you want it to or not.

For more questions about color use in marketing material, call Printing Solutions at 480-596-6300.

Internet Marketing

Why Your Print and Internet Marketing Need to be Working Together

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Choosing and identifying the best marketing tactics for your business can definitely be tricky.  Whether you’re a brand new business or you’ve been around for sometime already, it takes the right message at the right time to get your products or services sold.  At the same time, it’s important to find a solution that is both effective and within budget.

One common mistake made by businesses both young and old, is to focus too much on one particular type of marketing without considering other options.  It can be very easy to stick with your traditional marketing tools while turning a blind eye to new tactics.  On the other hand, new businesses may not realize the value of more traditional strategies, choosing to stick exclusively with new technology.

This dilemma has never been more prevalent than when it comes to print and internet marketing.  Believe it or not, there are still some businesses out there that haven’t taken full advantage of marketing through the internet.  They may dabble with it, but they have yet to realize internet marketing’s true potential.  There are also businesses who have lost faith or interest in print marketing, instead putting all of their eggs into the internet marketing basket.

We’re here to tell you that this is a mistake.  There are some very important and crucial reasons why your print and internet marketing need to be working together.

1. Branding

There’s no way to overestimate brand recognition.  Not only does recognizing a brand play a psychological role in the customer’s decision-making process, but it also gives a more uniformed and professional look to your business.  When you have a consistent presence in both print and online, you give your company a stronger, deeper feel.  If your potential clients or customers are only able to see your brand online, you may be missing out on the true benefits of branding.

2. Double Punch

Not everyone is going to hold onto every piece of mail that comes into his or her office, no matter how well designed it is or what the special offer may be.  Similarly, every business has potential customers who may never once visit their website or read an email.  However, a printed mailer might be just memorable enough so that when your customer happens to see a PPC ad soon after, the combined effort turns into a sale.  When print marketing and online advertising compliment each other, the results can be very profitable.

3. Reach

Some businesses are simply losing out on potential growth and sales because they aren’t considering what their reach is.  They might overlook important internet marketing tools such as social media because they don’t believe people who would buy their product or service use social media.  Others refuse to send out mailers thinking they’ll all end up in the trash.  We’re not suggesting that every social media add or mailer will be 100% successful, but you could be missing out by not having them work together.

When it comes to finding the right marketing tools for your business, be sure to talk with the experts at Printing Solutions.  Let’s discuss options that will work for you.

Printed Products

Use Printed Products to Drive More Online Traffic

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Who says print and online marketing have to be in competition with one another? At Printing Solutions, a premier Scottsdale printing company,  we see print and online marketing as companions, both working toward one goal: getting you new customers.

Our advice to small businesses is to stop viewing print and online marketing as mutually exclusive of one another and start seeing them as two pieces of a larger puzzle.

Through flyers, postcards, and sell sheets, you can target traffic to a specific domain. Here’s how it works:

How to Use Printed Products to Drive More Online Traffic

Step #1: Design an Eye-Catching Printed Product

It’s important to create a clean and sophisticated design that people’s eyes will instantly be attracted to. Believe it or not, design can influence your customers’ behaviors in both negative and positive ways.

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Step #2: Keep Text Sparse

Don’t overload your printed product with tons of information. Remember, the purpose of this particular printed piece is to drive traffic to a specific webpage. Thus, you’ll want to include only essential information with one clear call to action.

Step #3: Choose a Domain to Target

There are tons of webpages a business might want to drive traffic to. Some type of pages include:

  • Event page
  • Product/service page
  • Client testimonial
  • Launch page

The advantage of using print to direct traffic to a specific webpage is that you can target a whole new audience. While some customers may find the page through search engines, your printed marketing material can capture an audience that otherwise might have been excluded.

In conclusion, get help creating print marketing materials by giving Printing Solutions a call at 480-596-6300. We provide printing services that will work in conjunction with your online marketing efforts and as stand alone pieces.

Step and Repeat Banners

Banners With Star Potential

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Here at your local print company in Scottsdale, AZ, we make every effort to make you feel like the rockstar and celebrity you truly are. Whether that means creating one-of-a-kind business cards for you or bestowing you with instant fame thanks to the star power of our vehicle wraps, our printed products are designed to make you stand out in every way.

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But when you really want to shine brighter and bigger than everyone else, consider skipping the business cards and custom envelopes and invest in a step and repeat banner instead.

You’ve probably seen these backdrop banners at events, parties, or conferences, but you’ve never seen them they way we create them. Ten feet long by 8 feet tall and branded from top to bottom with your logo (or logos) repeated in a step or diagonally alternating pattern, these massive banners are sure to attract all kinds of attention if designed correctly.

A proper step and repeat banner should always be:

1. Colorful and

2.  Eye-catching

If you include these two elements, you’ll have a beyond cool banner that people will flock to based on the design alone.

So what exactly is the purpose of step and repeat banners? Well, like most banners, many use them for promotional purposes. They create them specifically for photo opportunities at media events, press conferences and red carpet functions. As your guests snap pictures in front of your banner and share their images on social media, your logo is in front of every one of their friends, followers and subscribers. In short, step and repeat banners guarantee a way to shine a spotlight on your company, both literally and figuratively.

More Questions About Step And Repeat Banners?

Call 480-596-6300 to get your step and repeat banner, and get on your way to earning hall of fame status.

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7 Things About Posters Your Boss Wants You To Know

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Let’s face it: sometimes you tune your boss out when he’s talking. You’ll smile, nod, and secretly roll your eyes when he’s not looking. But more often than not, your boss knows what he’s talking about….especially when it comes to printing. Your boss has been around long enough to see different professional trends fade in and out and knows that print has remained the one steady constant in the ever-changing business world. In fact, if you visit any office in America, it’s guaranteed to be stocked with dozens of paper products from business cards to envelopes and the most visible of all – posters.

One thing that both Printing Solutions and bosses of all types can agree upon is the value of posters. Like Printing Solutions, bosses know that posters are an extremely visible way to display important information. That’s why you’ll see offices covered in them. After all, how many times have you stopped in your tracks because of a well made, beautifully designed poster?

Read on for a list of all the different ways bosses use posters, and how you can use them, too – boss or no boss.


Uses for Posters

1. As a music play bill

2. To promote upcoming events

3. As a form of advertising

4. To feature a special service

5. To display a company’s values or vision

6. To announce a contest

7. To direct people


Printing Solutions knows a thing or two about printing for business, and we’re happy to share our insights with you…all without making you sit through a boring power point presentation. Just give us a call at 480-596-6300 and we’ll gladly talk shop with you.

When it comes to print companies in Scottsdale, AZ, good bosses (and employees) know that Printing Solutions is the only place to go for professional posters and more.


Your Brand on the Go, Roll Out the Possibilities

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When it comes to mobile advertising, retractable banner stands are a great choice to keep your brand on the go. You frequently see these unique, portable banners at trade shows and other events where companies want to gain greater visibility. Then be able to pick up and go somewhere else. In addition, many retail shops, restaurants and other departments are using retractable banner stands to promote sales or to highlight upcoming events. Their versatility and lightweight construction means you can setup and move them anywhere easily. You can use them as an effective display piece even when space has limitations. When not in use they quickly roll up inside a protective aluminum base and very often come with their own nylon carry case for easy transport.

Materials used to create retractable banners offer durability, strength, and stability. They are produced in various sizes and banners are generally made from such materials as synthetic fiber, paper, vinyl and PVC. The stands are made with high quality materials such as aluminum or fiberglass metal that are quick and easy to assemble. The retractable feature is important because once rolled up and stored inside the base, banners are protected against tears and scratches during transport. This ensures that they are ready for use over and over again. The simplicity of attaching a pole to the base, pulling your banner up from the base and locking in place at the top is very appealing to many marketers.

The large surface area on retractable banners is ideal for promoting a captivating message along with a strong call-to-action. Many use colorful graphics along with visual aids to attract the attention of crowds of people. Many companies and organizations successfully use retractable banners in their marketing campaigns. You can easily print high quality digital photographs, artwork and text right on the banners according to specific client needs. Colors, graphic size and location, the right image to place, all these issues require professional knowledge, so you can have a powerful and well-designed portable display.

While trade shows offer the perfect arena to display retractable banner stands, their ability to convey a message to your audience at a minimal cost means they can be used in many other ways as well. Statistics show that companies that choose the unique designs available with retractable banner stands make their display stand out from the competition. Viewers find them more attractive and often draw to them over other methods of display.

Printing Solutions offers more than 40 different types of retractable banners. For purposes of example, here are a few “outside the box” ways to use your retractable banner stands.


You can use banner stands to point the way or direct traffic. You can even let people know what is coming up and where it is.


Most people traditionally use banner stands to advertise a sale, a product or service, or a business. So go with it. Let the passerby know what you are doing and selling with an easy to use banner stand.

Piece Of Art

Many businesses can use a banner stand in their vestibule or waiting area. Banner stands can carry a variety of messages from company announcements to the company mission statement. They can even announce the latest awards handed out to the company or employee team. This is a great way to extend the use of a banner stand that may only schedule for a trade show.

Exterior Display

When not in use at an event, why not place outside your business so that the person passing by the office realizes you are there. This is an easy way to advertise with an existing marketing piece that could be collecting dust in a closet. You also have the advantage of not having a permanent outdoor display which can cost quite a bit if you need to change the message.

Drawing interest to your company and its offerings is an important tactic for any business. Regardless where you use retractable banners, you can be sure that you will capture the attention of those around. This will contribute to the long term success of your organization.

print_and_design guide

The Print + Design Guide

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On a past episode of popular TV show “The Big Bang Theory“, main character Leonard was trying to “fit in” with his girlfriend Penny and her football watching buddies. As a Experimental Physicist by trade, his knowledge base was NOT centered around America’s game, so in order to freshen up for the big game Leonard reviewed his Football For Dummies manual to prepare. The results were predictably hilarious as the show generally delivers, however the point is this – just because you’re a genius in your field doesn’t mean you are always functionally literate in others outside of your comfort zone. That is not to say that printing is more or less complex than football, however for some people the world of printing is unfamiliar. We appreciate that, and as your full service printing partner, that is why Printing Solutions developed The Print + Design Guide – to help you, our clients become more familiar with our world.

By clicking the link below, you will have the opportunity to download an exclusive guide to what we do everyday for our clients. You will learn some industry terms, the difference between paper types, various coatings, how specific colors can affect your printing, how to correctly setup your artwork and even some specific marketing strategies.


We do not claim to be experts in marketing, but we do realize the importance of consistent branding in your marketing and will support whatever strategy you choose. We may offer some suggestions along the way, however the final decision is ultimately yours. On the other hand, we do know a few things about printing, so if all that you learn from reading this guide is a more effective way to print the same thing you have been printing for years – then we have helped you just a little bit. And that is ultimately our goal.

As many of you know by now our company philosophy is – “We believe in communicating passion and making an emotional connection.” With an effective, well planned print marketing strategy you can absolutely let your target market know that you are passionate about what you do – and that will ultimately serve you well in the long run. Brand recognition is vital to survival in today’s fast paced business world, and consistent communication of that brand can speak volumes. Whether you choose business cards, brochures, door hangers, banners, booklets or trade show displays to market with – the specific product itself is not what sells your business. It is the message you pass along and the way in which it is presented.

We like to think that reviewing this guide will help you to become more knowledgeable, more informed and more prepared for your next printing project.

In the future this guide will be offered on our website as a value add-in for those wishing to subscribe to our newsletter. However, if you are reading this blog and received our most recent newsletter, you are very likely already a subscriber so we are offering this to you here as a special gift. Our way of saying thanks for your loyalty and being part of our family.