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Step and Repeat Banners

Here at your local print company in Scottsdale, AZ, we make every effort to make you feel like the rockstar and celebrity you truly are. Whether that means creating one-of-a-kind business cards for you or bestowing you with instant fame thanks to the star power of our vehicle wraps, our printed products are designed to make you stand out in every way.

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But when you really want to shine brighter and bigger than everyone else, consider skipping the business cards and custom envelopes and invest in a step and repeat banner instead.

You’ve probably seen these backdrop banners at events, parties, or conferences, but you’ve never seen them they way we create them. Ten feet long by 8 feet tall and branded from top to bottom with your logo (or logos) repeated in a step or diagonally alternating pattern, these massive banners are sure to attract all kinds of attention if designed correctly.

A proper step and repeat banner should always be:

1. Colorful and

2.  Eye-catching

If you include these two elements, you’ll have a beyond cool banner that people will flock to based on the design alone.

So what exactly is the purpose of step and repeat banners? Well, like most banners, many use them for promotional purposes. They create them specifically for photo opportunities at media events, press conferences and red carpet functions. As your guests snap pictures in front of your banner and share their images on social media, your logo is in front of every one of their friends, followers and subscribers. In short, step and repeat banners guarantee a way to shine a spotlight on your company, both literally and figuratively.

More Questions About Step And Repeat Banners?

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