Custom Notepads: The Promotional Product That Sticks Around

custom notepads

Here at Printing Solutions, we strive to make every marketing product something your potential and current customers can’t let go of. Whether it’s a specialty business card or a door hanger, we want that product to hang around. Another promotional product with staying power? Custom notepads.

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Custom notepads are one way our printing company in Scottsdale is making sure the money you put into promotional materials is well worth it. It’s a promotional tool that can work for any sort of business and doesn’t have the ‘throw away factor.’

We like to call custom notepads the promotional product that sticks around. Whether you want to have sticky-backed or not, notepads are a great way to make sure your brand name is front and center. Who doesn’t have a notepad on their desk, coffee table or counter? With your custom notepads, every time they need to write something down, your company information is there.

The more that people see your company’s logo or motto, the more likely they’ll be to think of you or refer you to friends and family the next time they need a service or product you offer.

We can produce full color custom notepads that include:

  • Logo
  • Tagline
  • Contact information
  • Custom graphics

Our sticky notes also come in varying amounts and sizes. However, there’s one element that stays the same, and that’s the quality of our printed products and the graphics we design.

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If you’re looking for something inexpensive that will stay with potential and existing customers for an extended period of time, come on down to the shop and check out our custom notepad options.

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