5 Ways to Pump Up Your Office with Print Decor


The workplace is an important part of our lives. More than half the world’s population will spend at least one-third of their adult lives at work, making it more important than ever to work in an office that is aesthetically pleasing. But with so many offices decked wall-to-wall in industrial gray and beige, finding a workplace that’s easy on the eyes may be more difficult than it sounds.

Fortunately, we know a thing or two about decor here at Printing Solutions. Many of our customers have come to us specifically for help to give their office walls some new life, and we can’t wait to share our best tips with you. Here are five ways to pump up your office with print decor.

1. Window Clings

They say the eyes are windows to the soul, but if you own a business, your windows let eyes see straight into your office.

“Most offices are rented so you can’t throw whatever you want up on the walls, so window clings are a good option,’ says Kristyn Lechwar, Director of Marketing at Printing Solutions. “They are so versatile and you can do so much with them.”

That versatility extends beyond the standard window decals. For a more custom look, Printing Solutions offers several different vinyl options that look great over the entire window. For example, a frosted vinyl with your business’s name cut out of it gives the same feel as a modern frosted glass. But the real frosting on the cake is the fact that achieving the look with vinyl is much more cost effective than purchasing a new pane of glass with etched lettering.

2. Big Banners

Another crowd-pleaser is the heavy, durable kind of banner typically seen at trade shows and job fairs.

“It’s super inexpensive and the print quality comes out really good, so we always suggest that because it’s cost-effective,” Kristyn says.

These banners are made of a material called 13-ounce scrim, and come with metal grommets to reinforce the corners when you hang them up. Another versatile decor choice, these banners are great for hanging on a blank wall in the office, but can also be used at any events you attend as a business.

This sort of versatility also makes it an ideal option for businesses that may be moving offices in the near future. Unlike more permanent lettering options, you can take scrim banners with you when you leave.

3. Canvas

Custom-printed canvas signs are a bold way to liven up your office space and make it more inviting. Canvas gives the same feel as collector art, but is brands and prints to meet your company’s needs.

Canvas prints crisply and has a high-quality finish. And because it’s a three-dimensional product rather than a flat banner, custom-printed canvases really pop on most office walls.

Like banners, canvas pieces are not permanent, which is great for offices whose lease is expiring soon.

“You can move them anywhere in the space, you can put them in the windows, you can put them up front, wherever. If you move, you can take it with you,” Kristyn says.

4. Retractable banners

For offices looking to make a big statement from the moment a customer walks in the door, retractable banners are the way to go, especially during the holiday season.

“You can put that in the front for when people walk in and have it say ‘Happy Holidays’ or something like that,” Kristyn says. Then you can put it away when the season’s over, because you’re only going to have it out for a month.”

Retractable banners are also easy to store when not in use. They fold up really small — about two or three feet by six inches — and each comes with a little bag so you can keep it nice and clean.

You can also switch out those banners throughout the year. Once the winter holidays are over, you can easily change the message to match other seasons.

5. Brochures and Cards for Customers

Another way to make a great first impression is when clients walk in the door is to be sure to have plenty of brochures and business cards ready for them. Pamphlets describing your company’s services, locations, past projects, and more make a nice display in the lobby.

If brochures aren’t your style, you can take a page out of Printing Solutions’ book.

“We have a card that’s specifically for the customer,” Kristyn says. “When you walk in it says ‘Get a Starbucks gift card from us,’ and if you leave us a Google+ review, you get a Starbucks gift card.”

For such a great incentive, it’s a really simple idea. It’s a clean, to-the-point business card just like Printing Solutions does for many of its customers. It simply shares a different message than the traditional business card.

These are just a few of the ways you can use materials you print to really pump up the decor in your office. For more ideas, or to learn more about our custom and commercial printing services, give Printing Solutions a call at 480-596-6300.

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