Custom Vinyl Decals Make Your Walls Talk


Have you ever walked into an office and noticed absolutely nothing? You look around and all you see are bare walls and their dull, monotone paint. The only thing you might really remember is that quiet, repetitive Muzak at a volume that you can barely hear, and in fact, you probably wouldn’t if your mind was occupied with something other than the drab walls. Aside from the reason that you are there or the person that you are meeting, the impression of the office leaves you with an uninspiring memory.

Now, let’s imagine the opposite. You walk into an office that has the walls adorned with beautiful pictures But this art isn’t wrapped in a frame, rather, it’s adhered right to the wall. We’re talking about custom wall vinyl – letters, words, images, thoughts, ideas and more, displayed strategically throughout the office to give visitors a sense of who you are, what you represent and to generally create a thought provoking atmosphere. Chances are that upon leaving an office decorated in this way, you will have a lasting impression that goes well beyond the reason you were there in the first place. And that’s the point.

Why Custom Vinyl Decals?

Custom designed wall vinyl can help your walls sing with life. This is not graffiti, but rather easily installed, custom designed pieces of colored vinyl that can be displayed on almost any wall, whether it is in your office or even in your home. With the right amount of imagination any wall can be transformed from a blank canvas into a creative expression in almost no time.

Do you have a company tagline that you would like people to know? Or what about a dynamic, full color company logo? How about some stylish new designs, awe-inspiring words of wisdom or even a comical caricature of your employee of the month? The ideas are truly endless in regards to what you can display and the reality is that each piece can be uniquely created to help express your company culture and help add to your brand recognition. Imagine walking through an office and being able to see a pictorial history of the company as you are being led through the hallways. What a great way to bring a potential client “into your world” without even saying a word.

Custom vinyl wall installations allow you full creativity without the mess of stencils, the hassle of wallpaper, or the expense of hiring a professional decorator. You can personalize your space easily, quickly and affordably. They are made with high-quality interior-grade matte or glossy coated removable vinyl that looks hand-painted and are safe to apply to interior walls or any smooth surface. For best results we recommend flat, semi gloss walls with little texture. Custom wall vinyl is a great way to personalize your walls with unique ideas that have special meaning to your business.

How Much Do They Cost?

Finally, we would be remiss if this discussion ended without some mention of pricing. To be fair, while we can say that custom wall vinyl installations are affordable, we cannot put a specific price tag on them because each one is unique and there are many variables that go into the cost. For example, we recently completed a 2.5ft x 2.5ft piece with installation and design for just under $100. However that location was easily accessible and had artwork that was fairly simple. Some of the factors involved in wall vinyl pricing include the type of material being used, the size of the installation, where the wall is located and the position on the wall it is being installed, the location of the building and of course the complexity of the design.

Each of these variables is considered when pricing your installation. At Printing Solutions we want to help you communicate your messages in a passionate way and our pricing is fair and competitive. If you are looking to make your walls talk and tell your story, give us a call today and let our team guide you through the process.

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