Your Brand on the Go, Roll Out the Possibilities


When it comes to mobile advertising, retractable banner stands are a great choice to keep your brand on the go. You frequently see these unique, portable banners at trade shows and other events where companies want to gain greater visibility. Then be able to pick up and go somewhere else. In addition, many retail shops, restaurants and other departments are using retractable banner stands to promote sales or to highlight upcoming events. Their versatility and lightweight construction means you can setup and move them anywhere easily. You can use them as an effective display piece even when space has limitations. When not in use they quickly roll up inside a protective aluminum base and very often come with their own nylon carry case for easy transport.

Materials used to create retractable banners offer durability, strength, and stability. They are produced in various sizes and banners are generally made from such materials as synthetic fiber, paper, vinyl and PVC. The stands are made with high quality materials such as aluminum or fiberglass metal that are quick and easy to assemble. The retractable feature is important because once rolled up and stored inside the base, banners are protected against tears and scratches during transport. This ensures that they are ready for use over and over again. The simplicity of attaching a pole to the base, pulling your banner up from the base and locking in place at the top is very appealing to many marketers.

The large surface area on retractable banners is ideal for promoting a captivating message along with a strong call-to-action. Many use colorful graphics along with visual aids to attract the attention of crowds of people. Many companies and organizations successfully use retractable banners in their marketing campaigns. You can easily print high quality digital photographs, artwork and text right on the banners according to specific client needs. Colors, graphic size and location, the right image to place, all these issues require professional knowledge, so you can have a powerful and well-designed portable display.

While trade shows offer the perfect arena to display retractable banner stands, their ability to convey a message to your audience at a minimal cost means they can be used in many other ways as well. Statistics show that companies that choose the unique designs available with retractable banner stands make their display stand out from the competition. Viewers find them more attractive and often draw to them over other methods of display.

Printing Solutions offers more than 40 different types of retractable banners. For purposes of example, here are a few “outside the box” ways to use your retractable banner stands.


You can use banner stands to point the way or direct traffic. You can even let people know what is coming up and where it is.


Most people traditionally use banner stands to advertise a sale, a product or service, or a business. So go with it. Let the passerby know what you are doing and selling with an easy to use banner stand.

Piece Of Art

Many businesses can use a banner stand in their vestibule or waiting area. Banner stands can carry a variety of messages from company announcements to the company mission statement. They can even announce the latest awards handed out to the company or employee team. This is a great way to extend the use of a banner stand that may only schedule for a trade show.

Exterior Display

When not in use at an event, why not place outside your business so that the person passing by the office realizes you are there. This is an easy way to advertise with an existing marketing piece that could be collecting dust in a closet. You also have the advantage of not having a permanent outdoor display which can cost quite a bit if you need to change the message.

Drawing interest to your company and its offerings is an important tactic for any business. Regardless where you use retractable banners, you can be sure that you will capture the attention of those around. This will contribute to the long term success of your organization.

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