7 Things About Posters Your Boss Wants You To Know

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Let’s face it: sometimes you tune your boss out when he’s talking. You’ll smile, nod, and secretly roll your eyes when he’s not looking. But more often than not, your boss knows what he’s talking about….especially when it comes to printing. Your boss has been around long enough to see different professional trends fade in and out and knows that print has remained the one steady constant in the ever-changing business world. In fact, if you visit any office in America, it’s guaranteed to be stocked with dozens of paper products from business cards to envelopes and the most visible of all – posters.

One thing that both Printing Solutions and bosses of all types can agree upon is the value of posters. Like Printing Solutions, bosses know that posters are an extremely visible way to display important information. That’s why you’ll see offices covered in them. After all, how many times have you stopped in your tracks because of a well made, beautifully designed poster?

Read on for a list of all the different ways bosses use posters, and how you can use them, too – boss or no boss.


Uses for Posters

1. As a music play bill

2. To promote upcoming events

3. As a form of advertising

4. To feature a special service

5. To display a company’s values or vision

6. To announce a contest

7. To direct people


Printing Solutions knows a thing or two about printing for business, and we’re happy to share our insights with you…all without making you sit through a boring power point presentation. Just give us a call at 480-596-6300 and we’ll gladly talk shop with you.

When it comes to print companies in Scottsdale, AZ, good bosses (and employees) know that Printing Solutions is the only place to go for professional posters and more.

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