3 Tips to Closing a Lead

Closing a Lead

For a business to grow, they have to get really good at closing a lead. It’s as vital a skill to business as cultivating seeds is for gardening. You could have the most amazing products and the most astonishing services on the market. But if you can’t sell those products and services to the people who need them you aren’t going to be in business for long.

At Printing Solutions, we pride ourselves on our ability to find customers whose lives and businesses would be enriched by our work. Our team has learned a thing or two over the years about how to close a lead. Here are three of our best tips. Learn ‘em, love ‘em, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

#1. Make Sure They’re The Right Lead

Before you can even begin to close a lead, you have to ask yourself if they will be a good fit with your business. Are you the ideal vendor for this potential customer? Do they share similar values?

Not every customer that walks through your doors will be the ideal fit. You cannot be everything for everyone.

When it comes to leads, look for the leads that are most likely to form a mutually healthy and beneficial relationship with your business. Life is short: Work with people that you like. You’ll spare yourself a lot of headaches and teeth-grinding if you remember this tip and put it to good use.

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#2. Do What You Say

In the words of Printing Solutions owner Matt Blanton. “If relationship is king, then follow up is queen”. Building rapport and trust is an essential part of closing leads. Your lead needs to believe that you can do what you say and give them the help and service they need. If there’s even a kernel of doubt, they’re not going to sign the dotted line.

Keep track of any offers or promises you make while talking to your lead. Make sure that they get whatever you offer to them. This is something that Matt Blanton feels very strongly about.  “I  believe doing what you say, albeit a simple concept, often doesn’t happen in the average sales process.” This is why Printing Solutions is so invested with following through for our customers.

After all. Nothing triggers “buyer’s remorse” faster than somebody being promised one thing and getting something else entirely later on. Overall, take notes!

Transparency is also a big plus in these situations. Be open and honest with them. Answer their questions to the best of your ability, and make that you use plain, easy to understand language. You might feel that using technical language and insider talk will make you sound more professional, but it can create a distancing effect and confuse your lead. You want to have every interaction with your lead end with them feeling confident that they understand what you’re offering them. A person who doesn’t know what they’re getting into is much less likely to take a chance on you.

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#3. Understand And Address Their Needs

This ties back into our first tip. The ideal lead is someone who doesn’t just share your values, but someone who has a need that you can fulfill. There’s no use in trying to close a lead who needs work done that you don’t have the capacity to take on. Or those or who needs a particular type of work done that isn’t your strong suit. You’d be better off building goodwill with that lead by recommending them to someone else in your field who’d be better equipped to handle their concerns if you aren’t the right fit for them.

That’s how Printing Solutions handles these kind of situations, according to Matt Blanton. “We will make recommendations to other companies as well as provide them with some guidance.” Going that extra mile can pay off in the long run. Just because you aren’t a good fit for this job doesn’t mean that they won’t want to work with you on something that’s more your speed.

Understanding what your lead is looking for is a great way of demonstrating that you’re attentive to their needs. This shows you respect their input and desires. It gives you a prime opportunity to display your knowledge. Dazzle your lead by telling them about the services and products that you have that can help them achieve their dreams. Demonstrate just how well-versed and knowledgeable you are. Treat them with all the courtesy and confidence that a home-owner would treat a respected guest. The trick with showing your company’s value is to not drown them in information. Keep it relevant to what they’re looking for. Remember that clarity is key. Nothing can kill the flow of a demo or presentation like having to stop every few seconds to unpack a piece of jargon that flew over their heads.  

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Looking to close more leads with stellar print marketing and eye-catching designs? Printing Solutions is happy to help with your business and printing needs. Give us a call at 480-596-6300.


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