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4 Tips to Follow When Designing Holiday Cards

Although it’s still technically summer, the holidays will be here before you know it. Soon you’ll be scrambling to find the perfect Halloween costume, stuffing your face with delicious turkey and mashed potatoes, and spending way too much time cramped in a small space singing carols with the family.

In other words, you’ll have your plate full and the last thing you’ll want to worry about is whether or not your holiday cards are sending the right message.

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To help you avoid amateur status and keep your holidays bright, your local Scottsdale printing company has listed the top 4 rules to follow when designing your holiday cards.

1. Avoid Clip Art

Clip art may have been cool when you were in school, but it’s a big no-no as an adult. It looks cheap and sends the message that you just don’t care enough to invest the time to create holiday cards that matter.

2. Avoid Specialty Fonts

Decorating your house for the holidays is always a nice touch, but there’s a fine line between creating a festive home and creating a replica of Santa’s village. The same is true when it comes to holiday cards. Don’t go overboard with the specialty fonts, such as the  snowflake font. No one wants to consult an elf just to decipher what you’ve written.

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3. Incorporate other colors

Think outside the box this holiday season. Instead of creating another cookie cutter red and green Christmas card or black and orange Halloween card, try something a little less expected. Your holiday cards can still be just as festive without being so conventional.

4.  Mind Your White Space

Don’t think of white space as a barrier that needs to be overcome. Incorporate it into your design for a classic, clean holiday card.

Keep these tips in mind and we guarantee your holiday designs will garner more praise than Aunt Sally’s pumpkin pie.

For holiday cards guaranteed to spread some cheer, stop by our Scottsdale printing company.