Integrating Direct Mail with Facebook for Maximum Results

Integrating Direct Mail

In today’s digitally focused world, there are more ways than ever to engage with potential customers. While direct mail campaigns are still a fantastic way to target a customer base, social media has become one of the dominant modes of communication for the majority of your potential clients.

The solution: Combining your social media and direct mail campaigns to create maximum customer engagement. We’ve got some tips for how to do just that.


Direct mailers are a great platform for promoting your social media profiles. Whether you simply include your Facebook URL at the bottom of a postcard or design a new mailer specifically to promote your Facebook page, placing your social media profiles directly into someone’s mailbox automatically increases your opportunity for growth. You can also use Facebook to create more direct mail customers by sharing and promoting your website — preferably a page where customers can sign up to receive coupons and newsletters in their mailbox.

Incorporate a QR code

Including a quick response (QR) code on your direct mailers can be a great way to redirect your customers to your Facebook page. There are several simple to use QR generators online, and they can be used to direct your customers to any number of URLs.

Create Exclusivity

Try offering a special promotion only for direct mail recipients who like your Facebook page. Advertise the promotion only on your mailers and to create a sense of exclusivity for your customers. They’ll feel like they’re getting away with something, and you’ll be growing your social media presence and customer base.

Hold a Contest

Contests are another great way to incorporate both direct mail and social media in your marketing strategy. Create a giveaway or contest on Facebook and send out a mailer announcing the competition. You can also promote this through your other social media for a broader reach in your campaign.

Questions About Integrating Direct Mail?

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