Postcards For All Mankind

Postcards For All Mankind
Postcards can be an effective direct mail marketing tool. Despite their small size, they can pack a powerful branding and marketing punch. Here are a few reasons that you should consider including postcard advertising as part of your 2014 budget.

1. Full-color postcards have a low cost to produce including design, printing and mailing services.
2. They are versatile enough to use to solicit repeat business or to generate new sales during the same campaign.
3. Their small size allows them to be easily carried in customers’ pocketbooks, day planners or even displayed on a refrigerator or bulletin board.
4. Since no envelopes are required for their distribution, a great design makes it easier to grab the audience attention.
5. Results can be tracked more efficiently by enticing customers to present the postcards for prizes or discounts.

Before you begin your postcard advertising campaign, you will need to think about several things so that you can maximize the effectiveness of your project. First and foremost, you will need to determine who you will target for your mailing.

– Will it be your own mailing list of prospects and customers?
– Customers of non-competing businesses with similar demographics.
– A purchased list of prospects that are interested in the services you offer.
– Or simply those that live in a geographic area that you’d like to sell to.

Once your target audience is determined, there are a couple of different approaches that you can follow when designing the postcard itself. Some experts recommend a postcard that looks like a personal card from a friend is the best way to get the recipients’ interest. A friendly message will produce a positive emotional reaction instead of the negative one that many people feel regarding advertising in general. Others suggest thinking of your postcard as a mini-billboard that grabs attention and would even be saved and stuck on a bulletin board or fridge is the ideal method. Some prospects will follow up right away, while others may hang onto the card for a while and call when they need your product or service. In either scenario, using an obvious, easy to follow “Call to Action” is essential.

Since postcards have limited space, it’s best to highlight your strongest selling points. Get right to the point quickly. If the message is brief and concise, it is more likely to be read at a glance. It is best not to provide a detailed sales pitch, but rather give an overview of the benefits of doing business with you instead. Once you have their attention, then use the remainder of the card to provide motivation for the reader to get more information – for example your website or business phone number. This will encourage inquiries from interested recipients who will want more information on your business. Make sure your message can be seen and read quickly – you have a limited time to engage the reader as they flip through their mail.

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