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10 Printing Terms You Need to Know

For us here at Printing Solutions, printing terms are an old hat. We throw them around without a second thought. But we know  that our clients might not always understand the lingo we use. In an effort to make sure you have a stress-free, seamless visit to our commercial printing business in Scottsdale, we’ve listed 10 printing terms to help you the next time you need business cards, banners or flyers.

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1. Bleed

A process where color goes over the edge of the finished piece, so when it’s trimmed, the color runs clean to the edge of the finished piece.

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2. Print Ready

When a file is ready for print, with no adjustment needed.

3. Crop Marks

Lines on print ready artwork that indicates where the cuts need to be placed to complete the job properly.

4. Binding

To fasten an item together and keep it from falling apart, usually referring to folding or stapling a booklet.

5. Saddle Stitch

The process of stapling pages together to complete a booklet.

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A popular color process of printing, also called four color printing. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black are represented in CMYK.

7. Pantone

A color process where certain inks are mixed together to create a dead on color replication.

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8. RGB

A color process that is usually held for work on computers. Most printing is not complete in RGB.

9. DTI

Dots per inch, referring to the resolution of a photo. Typically, 300 x 300 DPI is the minimum for printing crisp pictures .

10. Die cutting

A metal die is created to cut out special shapes for printing jobs.

The next time you’re ready for a commercial printing service in Scottsdale, you’ll be able to speak the lingo like a pro. Any other printing terms you want information about? Leave them in the comments below!