Booklets, Binding, and Business Printing…Oh MY!

As the premier Scottsdale printing company of choice, Printing Solutions is proud to provide our customers with many different options when it comes to their printing needs. We know that each and every individual print job is unique,so we have created our printing services with that in mind. Even when it comes to more minor details, Printing Solutions always gives you a choice, as is the case with our binding services.
Did you know there’s more than one way to bind your book or booklet? There’s actually three ways: saddle stitch, coil and perfect.
Saddle stitch binding is just a fancy word for stapling. But unlike the stapling you do at home or in your office, these are heavy duty staples that are guaranteed to do their job. For saddle stitch, two staples go across the middle to hold the pages of a booklet in place.

Coil binding, on the other hand, is more suited for booklets with a larger number of pages. Fifty pages or more work perfectly for coil binding. Unlike saddle stitch binding, no staples are involved with coil binding. Instead, coil binding uses plastic or metal coils to bind the booklet together by inserting the coil into holes punctured at the side of the document, similar to the way a spiral notebook is bound. Customers have the option of choosing from black or white plastic coils or a metal coil, which is more expensive.

The final option when it comes to binding is something called perfect binding. Perfect binding is the type of binding used in most books you’d find at the bookstore. Basically, the pages of a book or booklet are glued together at the spine. Although this option is more expensive than the previous two types of binding, it is also the most professionally looking. Not all booklets are suited for perfecting binding, however. It is generally only used for booklets that are 75 pages or more in length.

Tell us, which type do you prefer:  saddle stitch, coil or perfect? Let us know in the comments below!

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Andrew Pinch

Andrew Pinch

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