The Most Critical Piece of the Printing Process: Proofs

“Test Drive” Your Printed Materials With Proofs

Everyone knows that a test drive is a crucial step in the car buying process.  In the printing world, we have a similar system in place for customers to “test drive” their printed materials, and it’s just as important. It’s called a proof. Like a test drive, it ensures that you are getting exactly what you want without any unnecessary surprises.

Essentially, a proof is a copy of what the final product will look like. It is the last chance for the client to make sure that the artwork is correctly designed to their precise requirements. For the convenience of our customers, Printing Solutions offers both a hard copy and a digital copy of the proof, depending on the customer’s preference (although, with hard copies, there is an added fee). Proofing allows customers to visually understand where the graphics, text, or pictures are being placed in the printed or designed material.  It’s our guarantee that what you see is what you’ll get. Just like with all of our other services, we make the proofing process as simple as possible. After all, simplicity is our mission.

Digital Proofs Vs. Hard Copy Proofs

For digital proofs, we send over the design via email and the customer then approves or disapproves the proof with a simple click of a button. Our software system also allows customers to make any notes or comments about the proof and communicate directly with our design and print team. We generally use the digital proofing system for most orders unless otherwise specified.

However, we do offer the option of hard copy proofs. While both digital and hard copy proofs are highly accurate, the hard copy proof is beneficial for clients that are color critical, meaning color has to be an exact shade. With a hard copy proof, color critical clients can rest easy knowing that what they have in their hand will match precisely with what comes off of the press.

Which do you prefer…a hard copy proof or a digital copy? Let us know in the comments below!

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Andrew Pinch

Andrew Pinch

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