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3 Reasons Why Direct Mailers Aren’t Dead

We sometimes hear the words “old fashioned” when we talk about direct mailers. With the heavy influence of Internet and email marketing, many people believe that advertising and marketing through the mail is a thing of the past. The truth is, they couldn’t be more wrong.

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Not only is direct mail still a very effective tool that many businesses continue to use today to bring in new and returning customers, there is now research that shows print marketing is actually making internet marketing more legit. It seems that these days, if your prospective client or customer is able to correlate an electronic ad with a physical one, they are more likely to buy.

Further research shows that, while the cost per lead is generally the same for both direct mail and email, the customers created through direct mail are more likely to become repeat customers. Plus, with Spam trends up and deliverability down, email isn’t the go to method of communicating with customers anymore.

Here are 3 reasons why direct mailers are still a good idea:

Attention Grabbing

Believe it or not, but there is actually an upswing in people actually paying attention to what’s in their physical mailbox these days. Studies show that printed mail pieces are a great way to grab people’s attention if they are designed and printed in the right way. While it’s true that some stuff still gets tossed in the garbage can, direct mail pieces that are focused on design are doing quite well.

People Love Printed Material

It’s almost as if we’ve hit an overload in online or electronic delivery of ads. It used to be just the “old fashioned” people who would take the time to read a newspaper or a magazine. But that trend is beginning to turn as people across the age groups are becoming more excited about printed material. For many, when something is printed, it seems to give it more credibility than what they might find on the internet.

Less Expensive

When you begin to compare pricing and costs, many businesses are surprised to find that their direct mail prospects are actually costing much less than those that come from the internet or email. The address lists they are using is more reliable and there is less risk of being rejected as spam. After all, if someone doesn’t like your printed ad, they can just toss it in the trash. If they mark your email as spam, you can never email them again.

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