How to Help Your Employees Focus on Your Business Core Values

For some employees, the core values of the business they work for are that set of slogans they had to memorize when they first interviewed for the job. Your employees see them every once in a while at the bottom of an email. They probably don’t have them memorized, let alone implement them in their work.

For some employers, core values are the result of months of strategizing with both a consulting firm and a marketing firm. They actually made quite a bit of sense when they were first created. Overtime, however, these values seem to have lost their effectiveness and appeal.

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What can you do to make sure the core values of your business are effective and how can you help your employees focus on them?

Lead by Example – Live it

The first step is to review your core values, remember what they meant for you when they were first implemented, and then get to work living by those values. When you start to follow them yourself, others will follow. Take the lead and be the example to the rest of your company. You’ll find that these values will begin to trickle down from the top to the bottom in no time.

Raise Them High for Everyone to See

Are your core values visible to everyone working in your company? Not just in the signature line of an email, but visible on banners hung around the office. How about brochures or flyers in the break room or even on business cards and letterhead? Seeing your company’s core values on a regular basis can have a huge impact in how well your employees are focused on them.

Talk the Talk

Make sure you are talking about your core values often. This could be at company events, in management meetings, during reviews with employees, or any other situation where it is appropriate. When core values are a tenet in the conversations that go on around the office, you will soon see them begin to shape attitudes and behavior.

Build Your Culture

The most successful businesses these days focus on building a culture of success and prosperity. Your core values can be the perfect building blocks for this culture. Make the core values your blue print and then begin to tie in strategies and business decision based on that blue print. Keep in mind that you cannot build long-lasting cultures overnight. It may take some time to build, but it will pay off in the long run.

When it comes to keeping your employees focused on the core values of the company, remember that deep down they want to be led and inspired. You just need to point them in the right direction.

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