Design Tips for an Effective Banner

Are banners worth it when it comes to establishing a presence at a trade show, conference or even an office space? The answer is in the design. Comparatively speaking, banners are one of the most cost effective forms of branding and marketing available. Does that mean they will always be helpful? Definitely not!

Unfortunately, a poorly designed banner might do more harm than good. These days, people are expecting quite a bit. How your banner is designed and made can tell a prospective client just as much as what the banner actually says. There are a few things that every business should consider when it comes to designing an effective banner…here are some suggestions:

Be Clear – Avoid Distractions

A very common misconception when it comes to designing a banner is that it should tell the whole story. Some people go to great lengths to squeeze as much detail into a banner as possible thinking this will help attract more prospects. The truth is, an over-crowded banner is less effective and actually a turn off for many. Too much information on a single banner can be overwhelming and might encourage people to move on much too quickly.

A well-designed banner will be clear and clean. It will get just enough of your branding or messaging across to intrigue without giving too much away. After all, the goal of any banner should be to attract a prospect in so they can talk to a representative.

Consider Where Your Banner Will Be

How far away will your banner be from its intended audience? Will it be somewhere well lit? About how much time will someone passing by have to pick up on the message of your banner?

These are all important questions to consider as you design your banner. For example, banners that will be a fair distance from their audience should compensate by having larger font or print. Those that will be passed by in seconds should have a short and concise message rather than a long slogan that is too difficult to remember. The location of where the banner will be hung should also be considered as you pick colors and brightness.

Professional Design

Many banners are good, but not great. When you decide to skimp on the design of your banner, it definitely will reflect on your business. There are professionals, such as Printing Solutions in Scottsdale, that are not only familiar with the technique and materials involved in designing and fabricating a banner, but also have enough experience to know what will work and what won’t. Don’t chance the effectiveness of your banner by letting your nephew who takes an art class in high school take the reins. Leave it to the professionals.

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Andrew Pinch

Andrew Pinch

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