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Getting your brand in front of those that have interest in your products or services is a challenge that every business understands. In today’s ultracompetitive marketplace setting yourself apart from others is key to building and maintaining a healthy customer base. Many companies today are turning to large format printing to create the buzz that make their promotions go BOOM in the marketplace. Sometimes bigger is better. With the right mix of design, content and pizzazz, products such as custom vinyl banners and retractable banner stands can create a long-lasting visual memory that keeps your business fresh in peoples’ minds.

Large format printed advertising products allow you pick up your promotional message and bring it with you on the go. Unlike brochures, flyers and products that rely on distribution to deliver their content to potential customers. You use a banner to attract attention to something specific such as a trade show display or building location. Once at the location, your message can be reinforced by other marketing efforts. Therefore, a key for effective banner promotions is to make sure that your banner is displayed in the right place to ensure maximum exposure.

Our friends at mPower Energy Tabs provide a great example that illustrates how a creative banner design can literally create a BOOM. In the world of products that provide people with an energy boost there are literally millions to choose from today. So how does a product stand above this crowd and make a name for itself. The answer is with a great logo, a catchy tagline and marketing products and strategies that make people remember your name.

When these items are combined with a large format print product such as a banner, the result really packs a punch and gets noticed. They were using words such as “Naturally Explosive” and a logo that literally looked like a bomb. It was clear they were looking to make an immediate visual impression and the results have proven that they have. For more information about this amazing product and to find out what the buzz is all about, visit mPower.

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In the past we have discussed the effectiveness of banner advertising and how custom printed banners can increase brand recognition. However, there are times when a wall is not available or perhaps it is just not feasible to hang a banner. While there is no denying that a well-designed banner can be a stunning visual way to attract attention, if nobody sees it then the design becomes a moot point.

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The solution to this is a retractable banner stand or an X-style collapsible banner stand. Both of these products are becoming very popular because of their versatility, lightweight and portability. They come with a handy storage bag and can literally assemble them in about 1 minute. They can go fit nicely into places that wall banners simply cannot reach and give a sleek, modern appearance. That leaves a big impression.

Retractable banner stands consist of a custom designed vinyl banner, a vertical support pole and a spring load cassette with weights for stability and stands on the floor. The pole attaches to the cassette base and the banner pulls up and affixes to the top of the pole. When disassembling, the banner safely stores inside the cassette, keeping it free from damage during transport and ensuring a long life to your beautiful promotional item. There are many size options to choose from and Printing Solutions recommends a standard size of 33″ x 80″ printed on 10mil premium indoor vinyl for outstanding results.

Printing Solutions X Style Banner StandsIn addition, our X-style collapsible banner stands provide another alternative for attractive, mobile display. Their versatility matches that of the retractable stands and they are available with either 13 oz scrim vinyl outdoor or 10 mil premium vinyl indoor banners. Standard size for these banners is 24″ x 60″ and they have grommets in the corners for assembly.

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