Design a Print Strategy Around Your Website Analytics

Design Print Strategy Around Website Analytics

Your website is the best source of information to analyze your customers and turn into a marketing strategy. You can tell exactly which part of your business your customers are most interested in. Assuming your website is set up so you can track which pages your visitors go to, you can design a great print marketing strategy around that information.

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Most people think that Google Analytics will only tell you what you need to know about digital marketing, but that’s not the case. You can transfer statistics and use those in your traditional print as well. If most customers are spending time on a certain section of your site, you can bet that you can design a brochure or postcard around that aspect of your business and find success. Here’s some tips on how to design your print strategy based on analytics.

  • Take the most popular part of your site and create marketing materials around that content. For us, we know that a lot of people spend time on our business card section of the site. So when we attend trade shows or send mailers, we focus on business cards and a few other sections of the site that prove to be the most promising as far as turning leads into customers.
  • Where are your site visitors finding you? If it’s on social media, promote that heavily on your handouts. You can go even bigger by using a cardboard cutout or banner that promotes your most heavily viewed social media page. Make sure you include a call-to-action such as ‘leave us a review.” Add hashtags to your materials so you can take advantage of free word of mouth marketing from your clients.
  • Need to boost a part of your site? Offer a discount for your product or service on a postcard or business card if they go to your site and interact with a certain page. Add a contact form on that page where they can send you their name and email for a quote or further information.
  • Demographic information can be extremely useful so you can send targeted mailers to that specific group of people. Do you attract young adults? Do people from Phoenix visit your site more regularly than Scottsdale residents? Focus on those groups for the best return on your direct marketing materials such as door hangers and post cards.
  • You can also do reverse demographic research by adding a call tracking number to your print materials. Call tracking numbers are digital numbers that forward to your business phone. You can set up tracking so that each phone call to that digital number is registered as a lead and recorded in Google Analytics. You can also test flyers with different colors or designs and use separate call tracking numbers so you can figure out which is more appealing to your customers

Here at Printing Solutions, we love finding ways to mesh digital and traditional print marketing. There’s so many ways to use them in conjunction with one another to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

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