Elevate Your Public Speaking Game to Make an Impact

public speaking

Public speaking doesn’t come naturally to everybody. In fact, it can be incredibly difficult for some
people. I am a strong believer that if you practice enough and have the right tools, you can overcome a fear of speaking and excel in the craft.

Whether you’re speaking at trade shows, seminars or simply speaking to a group of your employees, you can take these tips and be confident that you’re making a good impression.


  • Take deep breaths

This will not only help with nerves beforehand, it’ll help with the nerves once you start speaking. A tell-tale sign that you’re nervous is running out of breath and having a shaky voice. Deep breaths will settle your diaphragm, allowing you to speak smooth and confidently.


  • Look people in the eye

Nothing gives away nerves like avoiding eye contact. Here’s where ‘fake it until you make it’ comes in. If you exude confidence (whether you really are confident in your public speaking or not), people will be more likely to listen to what you have to say. Drive points home by speaking slower and making eye contact with people in the audience.


  • Practice your material

If you don’t know your information like the back of your hand, it’s going to show. And this means more than just memorizing. You want to know your material well enough that if you made a mistake or lost your place, you could adlib and get back on track. If you sound like you’re over-rehearsed, people will pick up on that and your message will be less believable. You want to know your information well enough that you can truly emphasize what you’re saying at the right times. You’ve got to believe your own words in order for your audience to do the same.


  • Get over the need to be perfect

Like I said above, if you sound too rehearsed, your message won’t hit home. It’s okay to make some mistakes. Your audience knows your human and setting unrealistic expectations for yourself will only make it harder to be confident. Robotic isn’t relatable. Know that your audience is not rooting for you to fail and if you make a mistake, don’t let that little voice in your head tell you to be embarrassed. You will notice mistakes much more than anyone listening to you speak.


  • Find inspiration in other speakers

Spend some time watching your favorite speakers. What about their speaking captures your attention? Is it their tone? The way they move their hands? Decide what it is that you like and emulate that in your speaking. TED Talks are also a great source of incredible speakers.

The most important thing you can do is believe what you’re saying. As long as you prepare a speech that you are excited to give, you’re on your way to being a great speaker. Comment below and let us know what has helped you with public speaking!

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