How To Get The Cutting ‘Edge’ In Your Business Cards

Cutting Edge Business Cards

Let’s face it; your business card says a lot about you. This business card travels with you everywhere you go and it’s always your first opportunity to leave a lasting impression. After all, this small, but powerful marketing piece is your chance to convey to each person that they should choose your business.

The dictionary defines cutting edge as “the latest or most advanced stage in the development of something”. At Printing Solutions, we’ve cut out long lines and generic conversations. We’re going above and beyond to redefine printing and help Arizona business grow.

Everyone wants to have the newest and greatest products out there. With how fast the industry is evolving, it is important to keep up on the latest tends in marketing your business. With the new Edge black cards, we have the ability to now give your first impression a fresh, modern, and sleek feel that will make everyone jealous. Our ultra thick 32pt. Edge business card not only has a pristine look, but it is the most durable card you can get. (Take two of our standard 16pt cards and put them together and that’s just how thick they are!) Sounds like a truly remarkable way to represent you and your business.

By keeping a close eye on the latest trends, you can rely on us to bring you the latest trends in business cards like the Edge black cards and exceed your clients’ expectations with a personal statement that makes them feel good about their decision to choose your business.

Give people that unforgettable first impression that doesn’t come twice and work with a company that will create a business card that you’re proud to hand out. Setting the bar high and giving people the reassurance that they are dealing with a top of the line business begins with a top of the line business card.

Get the cutting edge in business cards and order your new Edge Cards today.

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