Make your Direct Mail Postcard Pop!

Direct Mail Postcard

Consumers are overrun with digital marketing campaigns. Businesses often send out emails to a mailing list to promote sales and discounts, but with so many businesses doing exactly the same thing, your carefully crafted newsletters and emails often end up in the trash folder, sometimes without even being opened.

To better ensure that your customer base will see your materials, try a direct mail postcard campaign. The small size and typically eye-catching design of postcards make them more likely to be noticed among your customer’s typical pile of bills, and because it’s one piece, there’s no envelope to open.

Here are some ways to make your direct mail postcard stand out from the crowd:

Color code

The best postcards use striking, vivid colors that reflect your company’s brand. This serves two purposes: Incorporating your company’s colors into the design of your marketing materials increases brand recognition, and bright colors help your postcard to stand out among the rest of your customers’ mail.

Incorporate photographic elements

Images are a valuable way to boost your marketing materials’ visual appeal. Be sure to use photos that reflect your company’s brand for increased recognition. When using images, try for an inverse relationship with text — the busier the image, the fewer words the postcard should contain.

Use a clean design

It is tempting to include every last detail on your direct mail, but too much information can be overwhelming, especially on small surfaces like postcards. Less is more. Pare down your information and just include the basics. You can always direct customers to a website or blog for more information.

Pamper with paper

There is a reason magazines are usually printed on glossy paper: It’s eye-catching. Colors are brighter, images are crisper, and it feels nicer to the touch. Add the fact that most mail is a matte finish, and glossy paper becomes a luxury — your customers will feel they’ve received a special treat.

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