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Invest in the Future of Your Business

Branding. Everyone’s heard of it. Everyone uses the term and talks about its importance to building business. However, the scope of branding may reach deeper than you thought. You’ve probably actually taken your first step in branding your business without even being aware of it. The building blocks that form the foundation of your brand are the qualities that make your business distinctive enough to stand apart in your industry. Your brand is what drives customers to buy from you instead of a competitor. Have you built a reputation for fast, reliable service? Is your sales process distinctive? Do you provide a wider scope of services than your competitors? Do you specialize in providing a product or service for a particular niche? At Printing Solutions Arizona this is what we would like to offer you.

About Your Brand

In essence your brand is an expression of your company’s mission, and branding communicates that mission through various mediums (logos, advertising, website, marketing materials, customer service, and product offerings) to the general public. Printing Solutions Arizona builds your brand and ensures consistency and professionalism. Letting people know what to expect when they deal with your company or products.

Naming Your Company

Naming your company is a first step in branding. Your business name should convey the most important characteristic of your business. It should represent your strength, while being distinctive and memorable. Your company’s logo is the face of your business. It is visual expression of your company name and, by extension, your company’s mission and values. Printing Solutions believes an effectively designed logo builds credibility for a new business and packs the emotional power that forms connections. A logo that looks amateurish really doesn’t reflect well on your business, but a professional logo with impact will build a perception of professionalism and success that people want to align themselves with, as we hope others do at Scottsdale Printing.

Maintaining Your Image

Once your business image has been developed, it needs to be maintained. Branding stretches from business cards and other printed collateral to your website design. From the content and voice of your blog posts and Facebook page to how the phone is answered in your office. Branding needs to be in your consciousness during every communication, every marketing decision and every interaction you make on behalf of your business.