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Life Is Busy, Get A Clone.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have another you? Someone to eat with, enjoy your favorite TV shows with, or pick up your personal orders from Printing Solutions? We’ve all thought about it, some of us have even wished for it.

Well, your wishes have come true, and your problems are solved. Printing Solutions is now cloning. Yes, you heard me right, cloning an exact replica of you. Since we’ve already mastered printing for business, we thought we’d tackle something a little bit trickier: “copying” humans.

We’ve made it into 3 simple steps.

1. Fly to our Blood Sample Facility in Nigeria, and be ready to give about 3 samples of blood from various parts of your body.
2. Continue on your way, making it over to Washington D.C. to have a swab of your saliva taken from an individual from the CIA.
3. Once you are finished with both of those simple steps, we’ll just need a bag full of your hair follicles, and you’re on your way.

Once we’ve collected all we need, it’ll only take 9 hours and your clone will be ready to join in on your everyday life. You’re welcome.

Warning: Clone may be slightly better than you at most things, have an aptitude for extreme sarcasm, and need dedication to house training.

We couldn’t wait to share the good news! Remember, we’re the only printing company in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas that specializes in both printing services and cloning. We hope you’re as happy as we are with the new cloning service.