Is Direct Mail Right for My Business?

Is Direct Mail Right

Owning or managing a business means that you are constantly on the search for bigger and better ways to reach your potential customer. This often includes trying new forms of marketing while improving on methods that have already proven to work for you.

Of the many tried and tested marketing strategies available, direct mail is one that continues to be successful. If you’re already using direct mail with success, you know what we’re talking about. If you’re a business that hasn’t attempted direct mail advertising or marketing, you may be wondering is direct mail right for you and your business.

To help you determine whether or not your business could profit from direct mail marketing, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Who is my intended audience?

Who are you trying to reach? Where are your most likely customers? Now consider who is checking and sorting the mail each day and how information about your company could be of benefit to them. If you are a Business to Business company, you may not see as much success with direct mail as you would when sending to households.

2. How are my email open rates?

In the fast-paced digital world we live in, email marketing and website content have become the norm for many businesses. Take a close look at the results you are getting from your email marketing campaigns and ask yourself if those results are working for you. Many have found that a combination of email and direct mail is much more effective. Some have even found that they see better results by focusing more on direct mail and less on email.

3. Does the public know who I am?

There have been many studies and reports that show how much contact an average person needs from a business before they recognize them as a brand. We often hear about the “7 touch” approach meaning a person must see or hear the name of your company 7 times before it sticks. Direct mail offers another way of reaching your target audience other than email. In fact, it’s been proven that when a person who may have already seen an online ad or email from a company sees a direct mail piece for the same company, it can help establish a connection and strengthen the online messaging.

4. Could I benefit from a better relationship with my community?

If you are a community-based business that relies heavily on business from people in your direct vicinity, direct mail marketing is a no-brainer. Imagine how impactful it is to see a mailer with colors, logos and wording that matches a storefront that you pass each day. When you’re trying to establish yourself in a specific community, direct mail is a must.

Internal Testimonial:

“I can’t stress enough on how direct mail marketing can truly impact your business. It’s so easy because you get to pick and choose who gets your mailer. As long as you have a captivating and powerful piece to send out, you are set. Having Printing Solutions there to assist you in the process is just an amazing bonus”.
Kristyn Lechwar –Traffic Coordinator and Marketing Manager

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