5 Ways to Optimize Your Direct Mail Campaign

Direct Mail Campaign

Mailing postcards, ads or any other marketing material has been and continues to be a proven strategy for reaching potential clients and customers. Even with the success of digital marketing over the last 20 years or more, direct mail still holds its own when it comes to relaying a purposeful message that inspires recipients to take action.

USPS sends billions of pieces of parcel each year reaching millions upon millions of people. With all of that mail sending each year, the question becomes how to optimize your direct mail campaign so that it stands out from the rest. Here are 5 ideas on how to do that:

1. Clear Message

Your direct mail marketing piece must be crystal clear when it comes to the intended message or call to action. The trick is to find a message that is not only clear to you, who is already familiar with the product and services you offer, but also to the everyday person who may not have heard of you before. Be sure that your piece has a simple and powerful message that even a teenager could understand.

2. Ability to Track

It can be a true challenge to know exactly how to keep track of how well a direct mail campaign actually works. And yet, if you can’t track its effectiveness, how will you know if it is worth the cost? One simple and easy way to track how well your direct mail campaign works is to create and use a promotional code that your clients and customers use when ordering. This will keep you informed on how well your strategy worked.

3. Quality Design

When your direct mail campaign reaches the mailbox of your intended audience, it is automatically entered into a competition with all of the other mail that showed up that day. No matter how great your product or service is, if your mailer isn’t able to stand out and catch the attention of the person checking the mail, it may lose that competition. It’s worth it to invest in good design and quality art for optimal results.

4. Who is Your Audience?

Identifying who your audience is and then specifically targeting them with the direct mail campaign is crucial to the success of your campaign. Be sure you take the time to do your research so you know exactly who to send to and why it would be interesting to them.

5. Sometimes, Failing is Winning

Here’s something to remember. Successful marketing sometimes includes finding what doesn’t work. If your mailer doesn’t seem to do the trick the first time around, don’t give up. You may have to take a different path or try something new, but be willing to learn from your mistakes.

For help with your next direct mail campaign, call Printing Solutions. We can help you design and print a mailer that stands out and makes an impact.

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