Planning For Success With Printing

Planning For Success

As another year passes by, we wish 2013 a fine farewell. Money was tight and there is no doubt that economic factors played a key role in limiting company spending. However, one of the great things about starting a New Year is that marketing budgets have been reset and companies are oftentimes eager to move forward with renewed vigor and an eye toward success. Making money is the ultimate goal for any business and everyone knows that to make money, you have to spend money. By setting up an effective budget plan that outlines how to spend that money is therefore essential to achieving your business goals in 2014.

Market & Build Your Brand

Marketing and building your business brand are key components to any company’s success. Whether you’re just introducing a new business or continuing an established one, it is imperative that your ads, promotions and company presence are displayed properly and for the right price. They need to reach the desired target market and provide the high-impact that will make customers choose you instead of the competition. The key is to find out what kind of marketing works best for your target audience. There are many advertising options available in today’s increasingly paperless world. The internet has made life easier and more accessible for marketers and advertisers.

One great way to save some money and get more bang for your buck is to look for value based specials on some of the print products you would normally purchase anyway. Timing is key to finding those deals. That’s why Printing Solutions is offering several such specials to help make your decision just a little easier. For the month of January we are combining some of our top products. These products include custom business cards, full color postcards, dynamic brochures and the always popular door hangers. Get $25 off packages when purchased together. These packages represent a great way for you to rejuvenate your branding efforts early in the year and maximize your potential to capitalize on the market.

Keep Up With Marketing & Design Trends

Another big factor in achieving company success is keeping up with market trends. It’s true that business cards, postcards and door hangers may represent the “tried and true” methods of print marketing. Many experts are now predicting that “Print is dead”. This is due to the rise of other tech savvy ways of spreading your message. At Printing Solutions, we would like to assure you that this is absolutely not the case. While it’s true that mobile marketing is on the rise and it has become a necessity to have a Facebook, Twitter and web presence. The most important facet of communication still remains the one that ultimately connects with the customer.

We believe that a printed brochure with a great design that actually says something relevant and helps to create a customized, personal interaction can be just as effective as social media. In other words it’s the content of the message that is most important, not the medium in which it is displayed. Remember, the simple business card is still one of the most powerful marketing tools. Therefore, your budget for 2014 should allow for a reprint of your business cards to make a subtle change to the appearance or feel of your card. It just may be exactly what the doctor ordered to make that perfect first impression.

Include Print & Referrals

Be sure to include a variety of traditional printed materials into your spending plan. You will gain the ability to promote your business on many levels. One should never underestimate the power of a well designed, custom door hanger, a full-color postcard or a dynamic, silk laminated business card. In fact, many companies focusing their marketing online. In addition to including online marketing in your advertising budget, you should also allocate a significant amount for print advertising as well. We offer many high quality products that will fit nicely into any budget. We also have the know-how to help you achieve your goal to ensure that your name reaches the market quickly and efficiently.

Word of mouth is always going to be your best advertising tool. Don’t be afraid to invest in some amazing design. That will get people to notice, remember and talk your company. And then tell them where you found that design. Every business loves a referral.

Need Help Achieving Success?

The combination of design and product will help you create a brand for your company. This is a crucial step to constructing the credibility, value, and personality associated with your business. The team at Printing Solutions can offer all of the above and more. From our great printing packages to valuable marketing advice and creative design skills.

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