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Provide Custom Modular Displays

In today’s fast-paced, frenzied world that is driven by inbound marketing ideas like social media, email and other instant gratification efforts, many people have programmed themselves to “turn off” their minds and virtually ignore content that forces them to read large amounts of text. Instead, they have become more visually receptive to images and ideas that paint the picture for them much quicker and allow them to make a buying decision right away. Therefore, in places like trade shows, office lobbies, shopping malls, restaurants and anywhere else that there is enough room, portable and custom modular exhibit and display products are becoming very popular.

Trade shows in particular are very well suited to these display products because their popularity is greater today than ever before, and new conventions, exhibits, fairs and other shows are popping up all the time. This means that there are more opportunities to promote, market, and present products, services and ideas directly to a target audience that is looking for quick visual satisfaction. This increases the need for high-quality, eye catching branded displays that leave a memorable impression and get you noticed over the competition.

As one of the respected printing companies in Scottsdale, Printing Solutions recognizes this need and has made available a full line of branded modular display products that can be used for a wide range of uses. You can see these products for yourself, by browsing our interactive catalog. If you see something you like, send us an email to or call us at 480-596-6300 for more details and let us help you put the perfect design on your product.

Have you ever attended a trade show and long forgotten the name of so and so or what’s his name at the booth with the substandard display that lacked an effective call-to-action?

Have you ever been impressed with a product, but been turned off by the presentation?

If presented with the choice of 2 product options, would you choose the one from the company with a colorful, branded, exciting display or the one with a bland, dull look?

These questions are probably easy to answer, however they clearly illustrate the importance of trade show displays that are well designed and produced with high-quality. Products such as table top displays, banner stands, pop up displays, flat panel displays, and other items should visually represent a specific brand and interest of the company. Trade show displays should also use bold images, vivid colors and strong catch phrases to lure attendees to an exhibit space, so that sales representatives can give their sales pitch or hand out custom brochures.

As your Scottsdale printer, the Printing Solutions team of designers can help identify appealing ways to incorporate your brand into various trade show display products. Our “Trade Show To Go” package is designed around the premise of creating a consistent, memorable look for your booth that will increase brand recognition and attract visitors to hear your pitch. Our high quality products are affordable and durable, so they will help represent your company and your brand with pride for many years.