Stickers: Not Just for Kids!

stickers not just for kids

When you think of stickers you probably picture the pack of small, glittery adhesives that came in specialty coloring books when you were a kid. But unless your business sells coloring books, those cartoonish stickers really aren’t going to benefit your marketing strategy.

Fortunately, there’s a lot more to stickers than the arts and crafts aisle, and when it comes to choosing one that’s right for your business, the options are pretty much endless. Read on to find out why stickers are not just for kids.

What is a Sticker?

“We have this definition of ‘stickers.’ Well, ‘stickers’ means so many things,’ says Kristyn Lechwar, Printing Solutions’ Director of Marketing. “An adhesive label is more so the proper term — it can be anything that you would like to stick somewhere.”

Printing Solutions’ stickers are usually paper-based, and come in a wide variety of stocks and finishes. The most commonly requested finish is a glossy coating that seals and protects, making stickers perfectly touchable and long-lasting. Our paper crack-back stickers are a popular choice, as they are a cost effective and high quality option for someone looking for a large order of stickers to hand out or distribute.

Vinyl is significantly tougher than paper and is great for bumper stickers, outdoor surfaces, or for any situation where the sticker might be exposed to the elements — think of them as all-weather labels. While a little more on the pricy side than paper stickers, the professional look and rugged durability of vinyl makes it worth the extra dough.

But when it comes down to it, stickers really can be anything that sticks — paper and vinyl are the most popular sticker materials, but are far from your only option. We can print on countless labelling materials, each of which can act as a solution for what our clients are looking for.

All of Printing Solutions’ paper stickers come with a UV glossy finish, and can be printed in countless different shapes, sizes, and stocks.

How Should I Use Stickers?

Our clients use stickers for all kinds of purposes — anything from labels for bottles or boxes to placing them on products directly.

Healing Solutions is one of our clients that really has this down. They use an attractive sticker as a label for all of their aromatherapy products.

“We do their labeling as a skinny, long piece,” Kristyn says. “It can’t really come off and it gets wrapped around. Water bottles that have the paper wrapper, they fall off. This is a great, cost-effective solution for the thousands of pieces they do.”

We also offer bumper sticker options, as well as large stickers that clients can actually resell. A bumper sticker we did for U and Improved is a great example. It turned out really well and it was perfect for the owner to hand out.

Several clients of ours love handing stickers out as gifts as well.

“We do a really fun sticker for The Boys and Girls Club,” Kristyn says. “They hand these out at events with a very strong message on them. It really creates a lasting impression.”

Who Should Use Stickers?

The key thing to think about when it comes to picking the right print marketing materials, including stickers, is to see how it would work with your company’s culture overall. For example, a dentist office might want to invest in a kid-friendly sticker to hand out since the dentist is such a scary thing for kids.

“This isn’t just for fun, goofy companies,” Kristyn says. “Anybody could use a sticker.”

Another thing to consider when choosing a sticker is its purpose. Will it be adhered indoors or outdoors? How long do you want it to say there before it is removed?

“Stickers leave a physical impression, so if you are going to be handing them out, once it’s adhered to something it doesn’t go away,” Kristyn says. “It’s permanent.”

Are you considering investing in a nifty sticker for your business? Printing Solutions can help! With countless shapes and sizes to choose from and a talented design team by your side every step of the way, your final product is sure to be a hit. Give us a call at 480-596-6300 to get started.

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