What’s Your Direct Mail Strategy?

Direct Mail Strategy

Direct mail is one of the most popular and effective tools available to businesses when it comes to marketing. Most businesses do it to some extent, but with so many options out there for mailers, how do you decide which is best for you?

In our years of experience as a leading Arizona print and design agency, we’ve worked with dozens of businesses to launch countless successful direct mail campaigns. Here are some things to consider as you build your direct mail strategy.

Short and Sweet or the Full Spiel?

The length of your message should be tailored to reflect what you want to accomplish with your direct mail campaign — sometimes a simple postcard or brochure will do the trick, but sometimes a more traditional letter is preferable. Think carefully about the purpose of your marketing and decide how much it will take to get the message across. Remember that sometimes less is more.

What’s your Call to Action?

It’s not enough to just tell your customers about a new product or service you offer. The best direct mail doesn’t just inform; it urges customers to act on that information. This can mean asking customers to like your company Facebook page, sign up for email newsletters, or schedule a consultation or estimate. Your direct mail doesn’t have to get customers to make a purchase; it just has to get them in the door.

What’s the Incentive?

Direct mail is one of the most popular marketing methods out there, which means that you’re not the only business doing it. One of the best ways to stand out from your competitors is to include an offer for your customers. Give them a reason to choose your company over everyone else.

Matte or Glossy?

If you’re sending a full-blown letter, matte paper is usually your best bet, but if you’ve opted for something smaller, like a postcard, you may want to consider printing on glossy. Smaller pieces tend to get overlooked in the piles of junk mail your customers receive, but glossy has a luxurious sheen that makes people stop and look. Even for matte finishes, the weight of the paper matters. A thick papyrus texture conveys a more formal tone, whereas standard printer paper is more casual.

Full Color or Black and White?

We usually suggest incorporating color somewhere into your marketing materials because rich, vibrant colors generally attract more attention than a black and white scheme, but that doesn’t mean every square inch of your mailers has to be covered in color. For a more subtle approach that still wows, you could use a postcard that is mainly black and white but has one or two colors that really pop. If you’re sending a letter, you may want to consider using custom letterhead outfitted with a color version of your company logo.

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