The 5 Coolest Branded Materials Your Staff Will Love

The 5 Coolest Branded Materials Your Staff Will Love

We’ve all been there: You are the first to answer a question on training day, or are the first to make your sales goal for the month, or it’s your birthday. Your boss gives you a prize or a gift, and you’re full of excitement until you realize it’s another boring company pen or lanyard.

Some branded materials just aren’t cool. Every company does them, or your employees already have several from various events. How do you get your staff excited again to flaunt your branded company materials?

If this is the dilemma you’re facing, we’ve got you covered with a list of the five coolest branded materials your staff is sure to love.

1. Water Bottle

Coffee mugs are great and we love them, but let’s face it. They’re not exactly take-anywhere. Instead, give your employees a branded water bottle or insulated tumbler. They can stay hydrated on the go, and you just got yourself a little bit of free advertising.

2. Bound Notebook

Gummed-edge notepads have long been a standby in many companies’ freebie boxes and trade show kits. While we’ll never debate the need for paper — we are a printing company, after all — we do think there’s a good way to kick the notepad up a notch. Why not offer your employees a bound notebook instead? Our booklet-style notebooks are a classy step up from the basic notepad, and your employees will always have a place to jot down notes during their next meeting.

3. Portable Charger

There’s nothing worse than your phone’s battery dying when you’re out and about, especially if you’re waiting on a call from a lead. That’s why a branded portable charger is the perfect company swag to give your employees. They’ll never miss another client call, and everyone will be jealous of the cool company that gave their phone the gift of life.

4. Stylus Pen

With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, your employees are likely using your carefully printed ballpoint pens less and less. What’s a company to do? For your next batch of pens, switch to a style that includes a smartphone stylus. This adds instant cool factor to your company’s pens, and it means they’re twice as likely to use as a standard ballpoint.

5. Ultra-Soft Tee-Shirt

We know, we know. A tee-shirt isn’t the most original idea for a brand gift because nearly everyone does them. Still, there’s something to to say for a free shirt, especially if it comes already super soft. Choose a shirt that comes pre-shrunk in a buttery-soft fabric to guarantee your employees will completely love it, and bonus points if you let them wear the shirt to work.

For more ways to stand out from the crowd or for help designing your next company swag, give Printing Solutions a call at 480-596-6300.

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