Tips to Finding a Great Graphic Designer for Your Marketing Material

Great Graphic Designer

It seems that inside of us all, there is a great graphic designer that is just waiting to be discovered. We know we have it in us to create the perfect website for our business or to design an eye-catching brochure that is sure to attract everyone on our contact list.

With this desire to get in touch with our inner graphic designer, and often motivated by a tight budget, we sit down to Photoshop to let the creative juices flow.

An hour goes by…we’ve had to watch a couple of tutorials on YouTube and read some forum articles, but we feel confident that we are on our way to design glory.

Two more hours go by…what we are seeing on the screen looks similar to something we might have done in PowerPoint, but we’re still making tweaks and it won’t be long until our project is perfect!

Now it’s 2:00 am in the morning…you’ve learned how to effectively add a gradient background and shadow to your type, but you are nowhere close to a finished project. Then it hits you – maybe there is just a little bit more to graphic design than you realized. Maybe those guys and gals who went to school for this stuff really do know what they’re doing!

Acknowledging that you need a graphic designer for your marketing material is an important first step, but how do you go about finding a great one that will catch your vision and be able to turn your creation in Photoshop into something really good.

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Here are a few tips on finding a great graphic designer:

Ask Around

You may work closely with another business that has some very nice marketing material that you have always liked. Ask them who they use for their graphic design services. Most people are happy to give you a referral.

Check with Local Art Schools

Find the untapped diamond in the rough by talking to graphic design students who are looking to add to their portfolios. This is a great option if you are working with a tight budget. Design students may not be as experienced as a seasoned professional, but they are much more likely to understand the software better than you.

Freelance Bidding Websites

Check out sites such as Design Pickle, Elance, ODesk, and Guru where you can post a project and let freelance graphic designers bid on your job. You will be able to choose from several graphic designers and make a decision based on their portfolio and price.

Need A Great Graphic Designer?

Talk to us about the graphic design services we offer. We are experienced and have the insight to help you create something that will stand out among your competitors. The best part about using us for your graphic design needs is that we are the printer too. This allows your project to go from design to press without any communication loss.

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