Ways to Market on a Budget

Market On A Budget

As a business, you already know how important marketing is for the overall success of your company. But when the marketing budget is tight, this can be a little difficult. Here are a few tips on how to market on a budget – and make it awesome.

Social Media

A social presence is crucial in today’s world. So many people look to a business’ Facebook and Twitter accounts before making a purchase. This also happens to be pretty affordable if done the right way. For example, it’s free to create social media accounts. Do this for all the avenues that are appropriate for your company: LinkedIn, Tumblr, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest,and so on. Get your information out there, post every day, engage customers, and share noteworthy information and pictures. This helps build your personality and encourage brand awareness.

Content Marketing

If you have an in-house writer, utilize their talents as much as you can. Content is a great way to market on a budget. Create a blog that you post to every week. Build eBooks and guides that your customers can refer to. Write press releases that can be sent out about upcoming events, changes in your company, and so on. Build content that can be distributed through your social media, and do it all with little to no cost.

Business Cards

These are so important whenever you interact with people interested in your services. Whether they want to buy whatever it is you have to offer, or whether they want to begin a partnership, business cards leave an impression. It’s a great way to give people your professional information and engage. These are also pretty affordable and go such a long way. For example, our team at Printing Solutions offers this service for as little as $39.


What’s one of the best ways to utilize those business cards? Through networking. Networking is a great way to market your business at a low cost. Whether you meet people for happy hour or attend a conference in your local area, this is one of the most beneficial ways to get to know your community and really understand what they want and how you can provide it. This is also where you pass out those snazzy business cards.

A budget it no reason to minimize marketing efforts. If anything, it should encourage your company to grow in a more strategic way. Feel free to call our team at 480-596-6300 for more tips and information!

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