Why Large Format Printing is the BOMB!

Why Large Format Printing

Large format printing is an often overlooked facet of your business’s marketing materials. In a world where we are focused on connecting with our customers through direct mail, email, and social media, sometimes we can forget that a business still needs to convey the company’s message when clients walk in.

That’s where large format printing comes in. From banners to signs to posters to decals, these oversized pieces can have an equally oversized role in getting your name and products out there. So why large format printing? Read on.

It’s Simple

Large format printing gives you the space to spread out your design, making it clean and clutter-free. If a design is too busy, our over stimulated eyes simply pass over it without really reading or comprehending what the sign says. With a clean design in a large format, your customers will get your message loud and clear.

It’s Versatile

Large-format printing is great for trade shows, banners, posters, retail signage, or even window clings or wall decals. And with our retractable banners, you can even take your large format printing with you on the go, wrinkle free.

Size Matters

Let’s face it — huge banners are more attention grabbing than small ones. They’re hard to miss, and that’s a good thing. Use this to your advantage when planning your signage and include your most important or urgent message on your largest format printing.

To learn more about large format printing and how it can help your business, give Printing Solutions a call at 480-596-6300.

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